"Alien" Reimagined As A Comedy Is Hilarious 1:40

No, it's not a bloodthirsty Alien... but an adorable kitten?

Badass Satan Explains HTML Using Death Metal 4:03

Now all we need is a CSS and JavaScript one!

Every Married Man Should Listen To This "Things You Don't Say To Your Wife" Song 2:06

Remember this song if you want to live a long a happy life...

Norway’s Central Bank Celebrates New Currency With This "Fishy" And Super Addictive Video 2:55

You don’t have to speak a lick of Norwegian to enjoy this video,

Suspected Jewellery Thief In Japan Has A "Very Intense" Runaway From The Police Caught On Tape 1:40

He is unable to outrun the law or the limits of his cardiovascular system...

Kevin Spacey And Gordon Ramsay Have A Swear Off And They F**king Enjoy It 1:13

"You actually said it with such charm" Wow, Gordon is actually making a compliment here!

If Theme Parks Like Disneyland And Six Flags Were Honest 5:37

They are great if you enjoy being mentally and financially screwed with while you navigate a maze of barf, torture machines, and fried food.

Guy Raps To Make The Greatest Pizza Order Ever 2:23

Poor pizza guy who has to pick up his call.

How To Be A Popstar Epic Tutorial Is What You Should Learn 7:28

If you want to get attention, make a sex tape lol. XD