Zendaya & Tom Holland Discuss Their Epic Battle And Their Nerves Heading Into Their Performances 2:11

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Crazy Korean Fan Cheering For His Favorite KPOP Members Will Definitely Make You Laugh 2:27

"WHEN YOU SMILE, I AM ALSO HAPPY!!!!" I aspire to be this passionate.

Here's How To Be A Canadian If You Want To Celebrate Canada Day 6:02

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Adorable Stray Dog Wanders Onto Stage During Orchestra Performance And Makes Everyone Laugh 00:54

The way he settles in next to one of the violinists to listen to the beautiful rendition of "Mendelssohn’s 'Italian' Symphony No.4" is so lovely.

Meme Degree For Everyone! These Students Are Working Towards Their Bachelor's Degree In Memes 1:34

At first you thought this is a joke. But then, you'd want to take the degree.

Innocent Reporter Gets Savagely Roasted By Kid Buying Fireworks 00:12

Weather boi doesn't know how to handle the burn.

Heckin' Educational Doggo Chart To Help You Understand Your Derpy Woofers 00:59

Truly inspiring video, so pure, so crisp, so beautiful.

What Happens When Untrained Air Traffic Controller Tries To Troll While Playing Flight Simulator X 11:21

"I know it's my job, but he shouldn't a hit the ground." I'm cracking up.

Someone Has Created A Self-Driving Potato Because We Never Knew We'd Need One 2:42

This guy names him "Pontus" and adopts him as a pet. This goes well.

Jimmy Kimmel Challenges Kids To Sneak Up On Their Father And Yell “I Love You Dad”, The Result Is Glorious 3:03

I wonder how many of their butts have been whipped... ► Related: Honest Father's Day: Kids Tell Dads The Worst Thing They've Ever Done - http://9gag.com/tv/p/axdBwn?ref=desc

Here's The Real "The Molecular Shape Of You" (Ed Sheeran Parody) You Should Listen To 4:46

"Oh atoms I feel your tug. Got my electrons bugged out pulling on me"