Prankster "Accidentally" Play Embarrassing Songs In Public And People's Reactions Are Amusing 6:16

Day 273, still waiting for someone to stop him from playing Aladdin's love song.

Here's How To Be Politically Correct! 6:21

Because we all know the worst thing you can possibly do to someone in 2017 is offend them!

Awkward At Parties Horror Movie Is Terribly True! 2:41

No one invite me to a party. Maybe I'm too awkward.

Martial Arts Master Shows You The Way To Defend Donald Trump's Handshake 1:40

We've all seen the weirdness of the Trump handshake. Here's how to defend it!

Zombie Comedy "Less than Human" Brings Out Rehabilitation Problem In Our World 6:10

Should reformed zombies/patients be allowed back into polite society? Good question.

Mia The Beagle Who Gets Distracted During Dog Show Obstacle Course Will Totally Win Our Hearts 1:14

Mia the beagle does whatever Mia the beagle wants. ► Related: This Cute Beagle Wants To Trade His Toy For Your Breakfast -

Dad Tries To Make A Sandwich By Following The Exact Words Of His Kids - It's Funnier That You'd Think 7:23

This is a programming thing, isn't it? ► Related: How This Dad Gives A Tutorial On Washing A Car With A Baby Is The Most Adorable and Hilarious Video Ever! -

Pot Sasquatch Crashes Massachusetts Snowstorm News Coverage Hilariously 00:56

Is he the only hero we ever want to see on the news?

PIKOTARO Finally Meets Justin Bieber And Teaches Him How To Dance To "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen" 1:01

Bieber has tweeted PIKOTARO's song before and the two finally get to see each other. ► Related: PPAP Singer PIKOTARO Is Back With Another Incredibly Catchy "I Like OJ" Song -

"America First, But Denmark Second!" The Danish Trolls Trump Like Other European Countries Do, Still Epic 5:40

"You have the statue of liberty, we have the little maid." Denmark is humorous.

America First, Germany Second! Germany Holds Nothing Back In This Trump Welcoming Video 12:20

They say Germans got no humor, it isn't true. ► Related: Portugal Welcoming Donald Trump Using His Words Might Be By Far The Funniest One Ever -

Enjoy This Epic Spread Of Gandalf Virus During After Work Party 00:55

You will have this song stuck in your head forever but it will be good.