Bar Tricks Bets For You To Win Free Drinks Easily 10:02

Some tricks are quite stunning to be performed...if not fail~

Scientists Successfully Create Artificial Womb That Helps Prematurely Born Babies 1:08

This will raise hope for extreme preemies. Science done right.

When You Think He Is Sweet Talking To You In Romantic French...... 1:08

French sounds romantic in any ways! Even if you're talking a pile of sh*t.

Do You Have A "Tiger Mom"? 3:13

Harsh in childhood, success in future?

"Listen" Through The History Of Metal In One Song 5:00

This isn't exactly in chronological order, but it is still excellent.

Dangerous! When Magma Meets Water 2:23

Scientists are trying to determine the potential danger of introducing water into a pressurised pocket of magma underground.

Silly Kid Tries To Brush Teeth With A Toy Gun 1:05

Looks like this invention still needs refinement.

Pokémon Explained By A Dad Who Knows Nothing About Pokémon 3:08

He should start watching the Pokémon cartoon series.

Wonder Why Are Sloths So Slow? 5:15

Sloths descend from their treetops canopies just once a week, for a bathroom break....

What Is Your Ideal Kind Of Home? Watch Mila Kunis’ Surprise Renovation For Her Parents 19:06

Better recycle the old furniture, some of them still look durable and new.

First Trailer Of "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" Is Here! Get Ready For The Return Of The Kick-Ass Spies 1:58

After two and a half year, they are back! This movie is going to be INSANE! ► Related: This Action Design Reel From "Kingsman" Stunt Coordinator Is Simply Kick Ass -