Marvel Finally Reveals What Thor Was Doing During "Captain America: Civil War" In This Mockumentary 3:31

I would watch a series of the Marvel characters just doing everyday normal things like Thor does here. ► Related: Watch Thor Prank The Hell Out Of Spider-Man -

This Is How You Can Actually Pick Up A Girl Without Being A Creep 4:48

Juan is a smooth guy. Legend says he is still saying that to every girl he meets.

LOL! Guy Documents Himself Trying To Wake Up A Pantless Stranger Sleeping On His Porch 1:09

The house owner is a funny and nice guy. I love how it has a happy ending.

This Dog Who Escapes Death From A Racing Car Is Probably The Luckiest Dog Ever 00:31

Holy moly, my jaw dropped. The dog has some amazing luck.

Nirvana Played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" In A Small Club 2 days After "Nevermind" Was Released 5:06

This is one of the rare instances when the band truly enjoyed playing the song.

Young Iranian Wrestler Is Forced To Fake Injury In Order To Forfeit Game Against Israel 00:50

It's heartbreaking to see the young Iranian athlete caught in the middle of all that.

Moms Sing Hilariously Rap Parody About Parents Giving In And Buying A Minivan 2:45

A group of moms switches up Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” for a remix called “Never Thought I’d Do It.” Never thought you'd need a minivan? Think again!

People Try Virtual Reality Porn For The First Time But Are Terrified By The "Star" (NSFW) 3:03

Gotta give a thumbs up for this brave man who is willing to "show off." ► Related: Virtual Reality Porn In Japan Is Going To A Whole New Level (NSFW) -

Brave Guy Tries The Spiciest Noodles In the World And Regrets His Decision Instantly 5:15

The evil grin on the face of the shop keeper was worth it. ► Related: This Guy Bathes In 1250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce And Even Adds More Chill Peppers To It! -

Las Vegas Magician Mac King Shows Us The Ultimate Rope Trick 2:12

Vegas prestidigitator Mac King, whose timing and precise slight of hand come together to elevate this classic gag.

This Annoying Customer Won't Take "No" For An Answer 3:16

This staff provides legitimate reasoning and the customer just isn't having it.

This Amusing "Wonder Woman" Animated Parody Questions Amazon's Fighting Plans 3:22

Everything wrong about the Wonder Woman trailer in a nutshell.

Gary The Goat Has Been Diagnosed With Terminal Arthritis And Let's Hope He Gets Well Soon 6:14

Gary will be hard to replace. He's pretty trained and attached to Jimbo. I hope it gets better.