Iron Crotch! Chinese Kung Fu Master Shows Off Unbelievable "Ball-Breaking Stamina' 00:58

The master claims the practice cures erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. His balls must be made of steel!

Adult Swim Releases "Rick And Morty" Exclusive Season 3 Opening Scene, Watch It Here 00:47

Rejoice! It's finally here! ► Related: This Dude Figures Out The Rick & Morty Season 3 Twist -

This World's First Fully-Manned Hoverbike Is Here And It Looks Like A Hell Of Ride 1:41

Hoversurf's Scorpion-3 prototype takes their Scorpion drone platform and adds controls and seating for a human pilot. It isn't a hoverboard, but it's just as awesome.

Woman Films Herself Bleeding Through Her White Leggings To Prove An Important Point About Periods 00:50

She wants to bring a message that periods is nothing to be ashamed of.

Meet The Man Who Runs A Tiny Nation With A Population Of 32 2:26

Although not officially recognised by the United States, Molossia is a self-declared nation in the middle of the Nevada desert.

What Does Vagina Taste Like? (NSFW) 8:10

Really? Using your own vagina juice as perfume is the most attractive scent that fits your body?

LOL! How To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger... As A Man 5:12

Interesting set of skills that may perhaps help you.

How The BBC Makes "Planet Earth" Look Like A Hollywood Movie 8:48

Explore the technology behind the cinematic style of the BBC's Planet Earth II.

3 Ridiculous Questions Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kate Upton Are Kinda WTF 1:21

The last response from Kate is really depressing to hear. XD

Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard And More Stars Ask Daisy Ridley For "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" Spoilers 1:01

"I'm in Guardians of the Galaxy." Chris Pratt never fails to make you laugh.

Most AMAZING Micronations Around The World Might Be Near To You! 11:18

No matter these nations are being recognised or not, their uniqueness and creativity are appreciated.

Florian Kohler Performs Insane Pool Trick Shots That Will Drop Your Jaw! 6:14

This is just crazily amazing! How can he do all these!!!!!!

Things You Might Not Know About Everyday Objects 4:00

Everything around us has certain details for some particular reason, obviously, because everything has a reason.

Tricks To Amaze Your Friends That You May Want To Learn 5:36

Some of them are old tricks that you play when you are younger.

What Happens If You Don't Wear Underwear 4:44

Who invented underwear and why?