Snapchat Introduces "Spectacle" Sunglasses That Let You Record Videos With 00:31

It's a cheaper version of Google Glass. Do you want a pair?

20 Big Boob Struggles Only Girls Understand 5:00

It's not easy to live with big boobs.

Man Performs Snake Hand Puppetry Lip-Sync To "Trust In Me" From Disney's "The Jungle Book" 1:47

Los Angeles-based comedian and musician Mike Phirman uses his hands to perform an amazing snake lip-sync. It's weirdly amazing to hear Winnie the Pooh lull you to sleep to eat you.

How SpaceX Will Make Interplanetary Civilization A Reality 7:01

Elon Musk will be announcing SpaceX's plans for Martian Colonization on coming Tuesday. Here's what you should know about it.

Mom Sings Her Daughter To Sleep With Prodigy's "Firestarter" In Hilarious Video 2:01

Martina Hill, the funniest woman in Germany, sings her child to sleep with an unusual lullaby.

This Man Has The Most Unbelievable Adventure By Snowboarding In The Clouds 1:34

Adrian "Wildman" Cenni shreds up the clouds 6000 feet in the air at speeds over 80mph.

"Star Wars" Meets Pixar In This Awesome "Rogue One" Mashup Trailer 2:32

Pixar's most-beloved characters (Merida, Mike, Buzz Lightyear) set a risky goal to capture Dr. Porkchop.

Model Gropes 100 Penises To Make A Point About Sexual Harassment (NSFW) 5:28

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Drunk Guy Picks Fight With The Wrong Bouncer And Gets Savagely K.O.ed 00:53

It's always the guy with his shirt off who gets knocked down...

Crazy Engineer Risks His Life To Make A Railgun That Shoots Faster Than Anything 5:35

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The People In This Japanese Car Company Are Truly Excellent At Their Jobs 1:31

This is why Japan is famous for its quality goods. It's the dedication of the people behind that counts.

Introducing The New Apple "AirBag": A Revolutionary New Carrying Device You Need 1:40

In this parody sketch from Conan O'Brien, Apple announces the AirBag.

Dear Girls, This Is Why You Shouldn't Play Hard To Get 3:11

Girls think that playing hard to get is the best way to go but that might not be the best strategy.