Donald Trump Has His First Dance On Stage With Melanie And It Gets So Awkward 2:14

Then in the middle of the dance, Trump started to fist bump. ► Related: President Donald Trump Accidentally Quotes Bane In His Inauguration Speech -

"Trump Around": A "Jump Around" Parody To Celebrate Donald Trump As The New US President 1:13

This is freaking awesome! A brilliant way to welcome a new start!

Super Sexy DJ From Vietnam Wears Almost Nothing While Playing Music (NSFW) 6:20

DJ Kim Phu Phan Le is getting so popular now because of her "outfit"... ► Related: DJ Soda Shows Her Hot Body In Her "Hotline Bling" Remix (NSFW) -

Chris Evans Pranks Comic Fans As Captain America With Surprise Escape Room 5:58

Chris Evans looks like a funny man. That guy screaming "Aiya" makes me laugh so hard.

Barack And Michelle Obama Announce What They're Up To Next 2:02

The Obama Foundation will be a living, working startup for citizenship — an ongoing project for us to shape, together.

WOW! This Wild Orangutan Teaches Herself How To Use A Saw To Cut Up A Tree 2:35

What an amazing footage. Yet, let us just remember how Planet of the Apes turned out...

Ken Jeong's Dancing Dream Comes True! Watch Him Bust Some Awesome Moves On "The Ellen Show" 2:49

Ken Jeong dances so well he needs to be nominated for Dancing With The Stars!

A Quick Animated History Of Why We Use The Numbers We Use 5:08

The numerical system is one of the most fantastic part of human civilization.

Frank Tries The Thunder Gun Express Water Slide Without Water Through It 00:57

If you haven't watched "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" before, you should watch this scene to get started.

This Guy Completely Loses It As He Zooms Out Of This Picture 3:40

There's something contagious about it. You will start laughing with him.

Ellen's Tribute To The Obamas Is Simply Gorgeous! 5:24

President Obama and the First Lady work hard and play hard as well. ► Related: Barack And Michelle Obama Announce What They're Up To Next -

Ellen's Presidential Appearance Parody Will Crack You Into Laughter! 1:18

That smirk Ellen makes with Michelle nails it! XD