DJ Earworm's United State Of Pop For 2016 Mashup Is Here To Celebrate Songs Of The Year 3:58

Mashup artist Jordan Roseman, aka "DJ Earworm" presents his annual "United State of Pop" music mashup of the 25 most popular American pop songs of 2016.

WTF?! This Mother Spends $245,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Barbie 4:29

39 years old Amanda Love, a mother of 4 children, claims plastic is her passion...

2 Angry Women Sums Up The Rather Disappointing 2016 With This Song 2:07

I'm crying with laughter at the "Cheetos with hair"

Watch Stormtroopers And AT-AT Dance And Twerk At The "Rogue One: A Star Wars" Wrap Party 00:21

Visual effects artist Nicholas King, aka "Nixolas," hilariously imagines how the cre celebrated on the last day of filming for the upcoming Star Wars film.

The New Kojima's "Death Stranding" Trailer Gets Really Creepy With Hannibal Mads Mikkelsen In It 4:20

Holy crap! Daryl and Hannibal! This game looks dope as hell! ► Related: Kojima Unveils New Game "Death Stranding" And The Reveal Trailer Features Norman Reedus -

Poor Cat Is Frozen To The Ground Until Russian Couple Comes To Rescue 7:35

It is reported that the cat is ok now and he has found new home. Best wishes to this little cat. ► Related: Watching This Dog Traumatized By Abuse Get Caressed For The First Time Is Heartbreaking -

Watch A Girl Go Through Terrible Plastic Surgeries In Melanie Martinez's "Mrs. Potato Head" Music Video 5:33

Here's a lesson for us all. We should learn to love ourselves. ► Related: Watch This Creepy Horror Short Film About Plastic Surgery In Korea -

2 Coaches Are Hit By Objects, How They React Shows You The Difference Between A Soccer And A Hockey Coach 00:58

Hockey guys seem to be tougher and less dramatic than soccer guys. ► Related: The World's Best Job - Topless Women Trampoline Coach (NSFW) -

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" First Gameplay Trailer Is Absolutely Stellar And Stunning 4:53

The combats look more frightening than ever before. My body is ready for it!

Monstars Returns In "Space Jam" Themed Jordan Ad And Have A Battle With NBA Stars 1:39

NBA stars Blake Griffin And Jimmy Butler are ready to take the game back.