The Time Has Come. The First Man-Made Monument To Humor Is Here #FunLegacy 1:59

This is REAL. The best gags of this century are on this 24-ton rock. Get our 9GAG app to see the most-voted gags for #FunLegacy ►

Homeless Pit Bull Gives Birth In A Den During A Massive Rainstorm, Luckily These People Save Them 12:19

Let's wish more people in the world had a heart for pitbulls like them.

Bowler Pulls Off A Perfect Game Across 10 Lanes In 86.9 Seconds 1:48

23-year-old Ben Ketola sets world record with fastest 300 game. He has got some impressive skills.

Russian Skating Champion Evgenia Medvedeva Surprises Fans With Beautiful "Sailor Moon" Routine 5:05

Figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva recreates Sailor Moon’s transformation sequence on the ice in World Team Trophy Tokyo. She is so adorable and talented!

Here's Jason Statham Dancing In Leopard-Print Underwear, You're Welcome 3:45

A young Jason Statham is shaking the stuff that God gave him in The Shamen's video for their 1993 semi-hit Comin' On.

Dude Gets A "Human Nacho Spa" Treatment That Will 100% Make You Lose Your Appetite 9:01

What's a better way to start your day watching a guy become a nacho platter?

Why Are So Many Popular Cartoon Characters YELLOW? 11:28

SpongeBob SquarePants, Pikachu, Jake the Dog, the Simpsons and countless others all have one thing in common..

WATCH: A Brief History Of "Guardians Of The Galaxy" 6:35

Trace back to the 1960s to know where the heros came from.

"Friday The 13th" The Game Gets A Launch Date Announcement Trailer And It's Horrifying 2:41

Damn, this is super promising. Can't wait to play the game now!

Pizza Inside A Burger Inside A Pizza Is Mouthwatering! 9:13

The cheese and the meat will work so well! Are you going to mess up your kitchen with this crazy burger/pizza?

Anne Hathaway And James Corden Sing Their Way Through Romantic Comedy Tropes In 5 Minutes 5:28

Anne is beautiful and amazingly talented. ► Related: Anna Kendrick And James Corden Sing "Soundtrack To A Love Story" And It's Delightful -

WATCH: The Person Who Is Addicted To Be A Piece Of Furniture 3:37

If you see someone pretending to be a piece of furniture....

10 Reasons Why Women Hate Porn 5:42

But there are a lot of women like watching porn too.

Follow This Guy On An Epic Trip To Georgia The Wonderland In First POV 13:40

Be careful. This awesome video will make you want to go traveling NOW.