Bruce Lee Shows Off Moves at Full Speed In New High Quality Footage 8:11

It's so fast, but he's always in control. Damn, he's such a legend.

Roux the Pomeranian and his epic sneeze 00:11

I can't imagine how satisfying that sneeze was.

This Girl Uses Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Tune To Expose The Crimes Of A Waste Dumping Corporation 2:56

Bringing attention to an important cause like a boss! Sign the petition if you want to help:

Lil Dicky Does A Kickass "Rapper Interview" With Snoop Dogg In "Professional Rapper" Music Video 5:55

This guy reached his Kickstarter campaign goal to release a rap record. Cool.

This Guy Casually Feeding Angry Snakes Will Stress You The Hell Out 7:28

This guy looks so chilled, but this video holds me nervous the whole 7 minutes.

This Cup Noodles "Stay Hot" Commercial Is Too Kawaii 1:01

Bonus: Kawaii Uncle Version at the end. ► Watch The Weird Guy Version:

This Dude Shows Off His Gaming Setup, It's Too Dope For You To Handle 2:11

This is impressive, I wish I could afford a setup like this. #Sarcasm

Before Shia LaBeouf Inspired Us, There Was This Guy 00:35

This inspired me to make that egg sandwich I was too lazy to make. ► And Then We Have Both:

This Never Give Up Guy And Shia LaBeouf Mashup Gives The Motivation You Need All Day 00:35

JUST DO IT! NEVER GIVE UP! ► Watch The Never Give Up Guy Original Video:

Do NOT Try to Weigh a Baby Koala 00:54

Or this level of cuteness will happen.

Mario vs. Green Hill Zone 1:17

Mario realizes he got off the bus at the wrong stop....

This Guy Sets Apple iPhone 6 And Samsung Galaxy S5 On Fire, Which One Will Survive? 5:13

When in a fire I will make sure that I have a samsung instead of an iphone. Thanks for helping me decide.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Reads Mean Tweets About Himself 2:39

I felt like the tweet about unde-nye-able was fair enough.

Homeless puppy gets second chance after vets nurse her back to health 5:29

Seeing her running around happily is the best thing ever :')

Watch Foals' Stunning 360-Degree 4K Music Video Of "Mountain At My Gates" 4:12

Watch this on Chrome or Android phone. Click or move around and feel the awesomeness.