This Hip-Thrusting "Party Monster" Dance Is The Next Harlem Shake (NSFW) 5:25

Can someone tell me the origin of this trend...? ► Related: This Japanese Bikini Game Takes A Very Weird Turn (NSFW) -

This Fun Couple Shot A One-Take Music Video At Wedding Reception With 250 Guests 7:44

The guy holding up the soy sauce at 4:03 is the real party animal.

South Korea And US Held A Massive Military Exercise 9:58

Nope, it's not a Michael Bay movie. This is the real deal.

You Don't Mess With Cats, THIS Is The Reason Why 1:32

It's all fun and games at first, and then the cat took his revenge.

These Guys Did A Killing Cover Of The Police's Roxanne 3:57

I froze when I hear them open their mouths. That's unexpectedly amazing.

5 Weirdly Easy Tips To Get Your WiFi Running Faster 2:01

*Immediately changes antenna's position*

This Rapper Don Dolo Straight Kills It While Playing Beat On His Car 4:02

I am seriously impressed with how clean that was.

Take A Stunning Downhill Skateboard Journey In Norway With Rider Ishtar Backlund 4:44

This is the most beautiful portrait of catching your dreams.

This German Shepherd Has The Weirdest Dreaming And Waking Up Face 1:00

I think he is communicating with the Dark Lord.

This Is What A Marmot Scream Sounds Like 00:19

In case you're wondering. ► Related: Watch Another Talking Marmot Calls Alan (At 0:32) -

Drew Bezanson's Uncontainable Bike Tricks On Containers 2:40

Nothing much, just Drew doing crazily sick bike tricks.

100,000 Balloon Installation In London Is Hauntingly Beautiful 2:01

French artist Charles Pétillon fills London's Covent Garden with an ethereal cloud installation, consisting of 100,000 glowing balloons.

This Guy Took An Epic Public Bathroom Trip Around The World 1:58

Be prepared, do not eat while watching this video.

Coming Out As Trans-Everything 3:48

So much bravery in one video.