This 11-Year-Old Knows How To Pick Up Girls Way Better Than Us 5:01

This boy is SMOOTH! You can definitely learn some pickup lines from him.

"Star Wars" Fans Have Excitingly New Theory About Rey's Origin, And It's Related To Palpatine! 12:35

I would love it if Rey turns evil towards the end of the second movie. That just sounds thrilling.

"Jaws Tuba" Prank At The Beach Is Ridiculously Funny 2:54

Prankster follows people on the beach with a Tuba and other brass instruments playing the Jaws Theme song... It is a blast.

"Pokémon GO" Problems You Must Have Encountered If You Are A Pokémon Trainer 00:48

"I wanna be the very best like no one ever was!" 5 seconds later: *walk into a pole*

16-Year-Old BMX Rider Battles The Infamous El' Toro Stair While Safely Guard Tries To Stop Him 3:31

Nothing can get in his way, not even a irate women in a golf cart...

This "Pokémon GO" VR Is Perhaps The Only Thing We Want Now 1:04

Imagine the future where people gather in stadiums to watch real battles and cheer on pokémon trainers with VR, would you love that?

Kids Share Their Advice On Escaping The Friend Zone - Because Clearly Adults Fail To Do So 2:41

Insightful kids offer relationship advice - and they are absolutely killing it.

LeeAnna Vamp Dresses As Sexy Characters To End The Marvel vs. DC War 00:55

You may not agree with her, but you have to admit she loos nice in these cosplays.

The Long Awaited "Trainspotting 2" Teaser Trailer Is Here And It Brings The Gangs Back 00:41

The wait is almost over! Renton, Spud, Sick Boy and Begbie are back!

The Most Fireproof iPhone? Here's A Test To Find Out Which iPhone Lasts The Longest In Fire 8:34

I wish they have a toilet test to find out which will survive being flushed down the toilet too.

Woah! Watch Japanese Girl Draw Impressive 3D Pictures In VR 1:27

You can now show off your creativity now with VR.

Adorable German Shepherd Will Fetch His Brother If You Tell Him Too 00:20

I can imagine him saying "I'm real tired of you making us both look bad" to his brother LOL.

All The Best Cosplay Girls Of Comic-Con 2016 In One Video (NSFW) 5:56

Enjoy the most perfect cosplays here in case you missed the chance of going to Comic Con!

This Is How You Need To Look Like To Survive A Car Crash 00:31

An Australian road-safety campaign has revealed what the human body could look like were it to evolve to withstand the forces experienced in car. You surely don't want to look like this, do you?

Here're More Highlights Of Our New Favorite Volleyball Hottie Winifer Fernandez 4:03

The mesmerizing 21-year-old volleyball player from the Dominican Republic has kicked up a storm on the internet. Here's more footage of her for all of her fans. ► Related: Meet Winifer Fernandez The 21-Year-Old Volleyball Player Who Has Become The Internet Sensation -

This Mashup Of Every Disney Movie Since 1989 Is Truly Magical And Epic 3:28

You'll find it hard to keep your eyes on the transitions, they are so smooth and continuous!

Watch The Shocking Trailer For The "Blair Witch" Sequel And Be Scared 2:02

Are you ready for a trip back to the most feared woods?