People Try Virtual Reality Porn For The First Time But Are Terrified By The "Star" (NSFW) 3:03

Gotta give a thumbs up for this brave man who is willing to "show off."

This Annoying Customer Won't Take "No" For An Answer 3:16

This staff provides legitimate reasoning and the customer just isn't having it.

Las Vegas Magician Mac King Shows Us The Ultimate Rope Trick 2:12

Vegas prestidigitator Mac King, whose timing and precise slight of hand come together to elevate this classic gag.

This Amusing "Wonder Woman" Animated Parody Questions Amazon's Fighting Plans 3:22

Everything wrong about the Wonder Woman trailer in a nutshell.

Gary The Goat Has Been Diagnosed With Terminal Arthritis And Let's Hope He Gets Well Soon 6:14

Gary will be hard to replace. He's pretty trained and attached to Jimbo. I hope it gets better.

Grab Your Chair! These Kids Know Love More Than You Do! Listen To Their Break Up Advice. 3:39

Sometimes ending a relationship is harder than having a new one!

Lingerie Company Makes Male Employees Wear E-Cup-Size To Feel WHat It's Like To Have Big Breasts 1:43

That guy who rests his weights on his desk makes me laugh. ► Related: Japanese Cosmetics Company’s 8 Models Ad Has Proved That Women Have Super Power -

Woman Goes Crazy On A Guy For Making A "Sexually Harassing" Joke 8:43

This guy identifies himself to a Black Lives Matter protester as “Hugh Mongous,” and that’s when the world fell apart.

Dear Drivers, Here's Why You Shouldn’t Drive Slowly In The Left Lane 3:16

Can we all agree that the left lane is for passing, please?

This Dutch Music Video "Bam Bam (Bam)" Is The Weirdest Thing Ever 3:02

This pretty much sums up my experience of the Netherlands so far.

"Captain America: Civil War" Bloopers Show The Funny Side Of The Avengers 1:12

The hilarious outtakes from Civil War are the best thing ► Related: Captain America: Civil War Without CGI Is Both Amazing And Awkward -

"A Dog's Purpose" Trailer Tells A Creepy Story Of Canine Reincarnation 2:29

Join this tearful journey of a dog that dies and gets reincarnated over and over and over again.

Britney Spears And James Corden Re-enact "Baby One More Time" On "Carpool Karaoke" 9:50

Someone please tell Britney it's Carpool Karaoke, not Carpool Lip Sync.

Wow! This Duct Tape Car Off Cliff Is A Bold And Hilarious Experiment! 4:58

I am not sure about that steel-like tape, but this visual is incredible to watch!