Bruno Mars' "24k Magic" As A Metal Song 5:12

Norway-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Leo Moracchioli gives a heavy metal makeover to Bruno Mars' funk/R&B hit.

If Commercials were Real Life - Daytona 500/Apple iPad's "What's A Computer?" Ads 1:40

It the "What's a computer?" ad the most out of touch thing recently?

Ozzy Man Reviews The 2018 Red Bull Dinghy Derby 9:33

Get to know this local sport with Ozzy Man's funny commentary.

Marvel's "Black Panther" Cast Answers The Web's Most Searched Questions About Them 5:03

Michael B.Jordan is such a cool dude. He knows all the stuff.

How To Dad: How To Teach A Baby To Talk 00:52

Impressive fathering skills.

Adorable Boy Tries Soda For The First Time 3:17

That went from "eww" to "my precious" VERY fast.

Ozzy Man Reviews The "Greatest" And The Most Unbelievable Olympic Win Ever 1:13

Ozzy Man takes a look back Steven Bradbury unexpected come-from-behind win at the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics. Winning by default is still winning!

Watch 42,000 Match Sphere Get Lit 9:31

It looks like a forest fire spreading across a planet...

Why The Triple Axel Is Such A Big Deal 5:10

Triple axels can turn skaters into legends. Here's why.

Lost GoPro Captures A Rare Act! 2:45

That's a good role model.