Mark Hamill Talks "Star Wars" With British GQ 4:02

Did he ever expect "Star Wars" to be so successful?

"Gerald’s Game" Trailer: An Intense Stephen King Adaptation Heads To Netflix 2:34

Breaking free will require more than keeping her sanity.

Best Norwegian Artists Perform Nordic Funeral Song On The Mountain 8:53

Wardruna, Aurora and Oslo Fagottkor, what a beautiful masterpiece.

You Must See How Smoking Wrecks Your Lungs! 3:29

So harmful even with one pack of cigarettes.

Linkin Park Announces Concert In Honor Of Chester Bennington, Shares Touching "One More Light" Video 4:31

The band created a visual tribute to celebrate the late singer’s life.

Can Robots Be Brilliant DJs? 4:16

When robots play music.

Things You'll Never Buy Once You Know What They're Made Of! 7:11

Can you imagine some of your everyday food is made of bugs?

What A Million Dollars Gets You Around The World 7:23

What do you want the get if you got a million dollars?

Pennywise Makeup Tutorial: How We Made "IT" 5:05

This will be the most popular Halloween makeup this year.

What Would Happen If We Drained The Mediterranean Sea? 6:40

Maybe some people will think this will not be their problem?

"Game Of Thrones" Conquest & Rebellion: An Animated History Of The Seven Kingdoms 4:31

This brings you the the never-before-seen story of the turbulent events that shaped Westeros for thousands of years before the series start.

Nothing But Water Powers This Tricycle That Goes From 0 To 62 MPH In Half ASecond 1:49

Somehow a motorcycle helmet just doesn’t seem like enough safety equipment......

The "Shape of Water"'s Redband Trailer Promises A Dark And Thrilling Fairy Tale For Adults 2:05

A love story between a deaf woman and a mysterious fish-man from an extinct race.

The "IT" Department Parody By James Corden Will Crack You So Hard 3:47

When you call the I.T Department and "IT" comes......

Guy Nails Every Accent And Is Simply Incredible 2:19

And every accent is perfectly pronounced.

American Behaviors Considered Rude In Other Countries 7:27

The question is, are the "yanks" really that rude?