Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Shows The Vulture Wreaking Havoc 2:40

Last time I was this early Uncle Ben was still alive.

A Teaser Of "Spider-Man" Homecoming For Tomorrow's Official Trailer (2017) 2:37

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"Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 - Dead Men Tell No Tales" Official Trailer 4 (2017) 3:35

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Tara's Wild Yoga In The Mountains (NSFW) 11:07

Imagine you are hiking and sees this girl here doing yoga on a rock.

"Mean Bean" With Mr. Bean As An Evil Psychopath Parody Trailer 2! 1:59

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Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" Piano Cover Is A Nice One! 2:41

Can feel that he's so into the song Credit: Peter Buka

Donald Trump Singing "That's What I Like" By Bruno Mars 1:36

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Dr Ken Jeong Offers Hilarious Answers To Common Medical Questions From Twitter 6:21

"Doctor I need help!" Doctor Ken: "Go see a doctor." Oh the burn!

The Bob Ross Of Glow-In-The-Dark Drawing 7:44

That intro with the mixture of a beautiful voice, and beautiful visuals really have me in a trance.

When You Have A Dad Who Always Take Video Of You While Knowing That You Hate Cameras! 1:26

When your son hates the camera, what do you do as a dad? You take a video of him everyday for 6 months OF COURSE!!! Credit: FatherOfBoys

How To Perform 3 Incredible Card Magic Tricks Tutorial 3:25

It is recommend to practice these in front of a mirror so that you can get the timing and angles correct.

Why Only the Happily Single Find True Love 2:25

One of the key requirements for having a good chance of finding the right partner is not to mind too much being single.

"My Strange Addictions" Parody - Snorting Rice Is Weirdly Funny 1:11

Maybe there's really someone who has this strange addiction. Credit: Esa Fungtastic