How People Count Cash Are Different Between Countries 1:49

Is this real? How do you count your money?

Sexy Genevieve Morton Gets Naked And Eats Ramen Noodles 00:20

Instantly the sexiest ramen noodle video in history.

DIY Zenyatta's Orbs In "Overwatch" Looks Awesome! 2:36

The beauty of this guide is that you can easily spin it off to make other levitating orbs.

"Harry Potter"'s Sword Of Gryffindor Being Reforged Is Cool! 17:04

The sword of Gryffindor only appears to people who need it!

Guy Covers System Of A Down's "Chop Suey" In 20 Musical Styles And It's Phenomenal 4:46

Anthony Vincent is back with his amazing cover. He should totally try performing Bohemian Rhapsody in 20 styles.

The Oscars 2017 Nominated Movies Get Their Deserved Honest Trailers 5:57

Here's why the Best Picture nominees REALLY got nominated.

Prankster "Accidentally" Play Embarrassing Songs In Public And People's Reactions Are Amusing 6:16

Day 273, still waiting for someone to stop him from playing Aladdin's love song.

Cool Idea! Star Wars: R2D2 With A Voice - "A New Hope" 13:56

They are trying to make R2D2 a legitimate character with a voice that doesn't need 3P0 repeating everything he says.

Watch Katy Perry Ft. Skip Marley's Vivid, Escapist "Chained to the Rhythm" Video 4:01

"So comfortable, we're living in a bubble/ So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble."

Iron Crotch! Chinese Kung Fu Master Shows Off Unbelievable "Ball-Breaking Stamina' 00:58

The master claims the practice cures erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. His balls must be made of steel!

Adult Swim Releases "Rick And Morty" Exclusive Season 3 Opening Scene, Watch It Here 00:47

Rejoice! It's finally here! ► Related: This Dude Figures Out The Rick & Morty Season 3 Twist -

This World's First Fully-Manned Hoverbike Is Here And It Looks Like A Hell Of Ride 1:41

Hoversurf's Scorpion-3 prototype takes their Scorpion drone platform and adds controls and seating for a human pilot. It isn't a hoverboard, but it's just as awesome.

Woman Films Herself Bleeding Through Her White Leggings To Prove An Important Point About Periods 00:50

She wants to bring a message that periods is nothing to be ashamed of.

Meet The Man Who Runs A Tiny Nation With A Population Of 32 2:26

Although not officially recognised by the United States, Molossia is a self-declared nation in the middle of the Nevada desert.