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A robot hailed as the most advanced created in Russia was actually just a man in a suit.

The android known as Boris took to the stage at a Russian technology conference to delight the world with lifelike moving and dancing. It was so impressive that it appeared on Russian state television, celebrated as the most modern robot, and produced by a team of students.

But soon after its appearance journalists began to question the bot's authenticity.

In a picture published afterwards on social media, the neck of a person was clearly visible.

The robot is in fact a 250,000 rouble ($3,755) costume called Alyosha the Robot, made by a company called Show Robots.

Russian website TJournal raised concerns about the robot asking a series of questions:

  • Why did the robot feature no sensors?
  • How did Russian scientists get the robot made so quickly, with no papers published about it beforehand?
  • Why there has been no internet coverage of such an advanced robot?
  • Why did robot make so many unnecessary movements during its dance?
  • Why did it look like a man would fit perfectly inside it?
  • Why offer a pre-recording of its voice rather than do it live?

This is basically the plot of a 2012 Japanese movie "Robo-G"