Will AI Make Us Immortal? Or Will It Wipe Us Out? 5:38

What are Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil And Nick Bostrom doing to humanity? Will AI bring immortality or extinction?

Donald Trump Handshake Robot Is Made To Laugh You Into Tears! 2:53

Maybe one day you got the chance to handshake with Trump! So get yourself prepared and don't get hurt. ► Related: This App That Launches A Robot To Feed The Baby Will Make You Laugh To Tears - http://9gag.com/tv/p/ar7w22/?ref=desc

Has Science Gone Too Far? This Girl Makes The World's Tiniest Fidget Spinners On Her Nails! 10:04

When your school doesn't allow fidget spinners, do these nails.

Bomb Attack At Ariana Grande's Concert Footages #PrayForManchester (Disturbing Graphics) 4:44

Deepest condolences to people who lost their lives here and their family and friends.

Girlfriend Gets Stretched Out By Physical Trainer While Boyfriend Watches 6:26

"it's okay to be flirtatious.." Really dude? Have you ever been in a relationship?

Brave Idiot Pushes A Great White Shark In The Face With His Hand 00:18

Apparently nobody told this Australian fisherman "not to put his hand near a big white shark's mouth" is on the top list to live.

This is How Engine Guys Ask Girls Out Using Facts About Trebuchets 3:26

Ok, I bet not everyone knows what trebuchets means.

How To Be A Popstar Epic Tutorial Is What You Should Learn 7:28

If you want to get attention, make a sex tape lol. XD