iPhone X Parody Is Hilariously True To Tell How Unnecessary Some New Functions Are 2:30

Do you think iPhone X will recognize my face with no makeup?

15 Weirdest Smartphone Apps That Exist Will Leave You Amused 6:40

You can't understand why some apps would exist......

Chicken Attack Remix Is A New Song On Your Party Music Playlist! 2:51

Put this on your dance party playlist to confuse people and also to transform them into chicken ninjas

This "Bikini Airline" is Going To Create Vietnam’s First Female Billionaire 4:20

VietJet Air CEO Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao’s idea of dressing up the airline’s flight attendants with sexy outfits is about to pay off big time.

Add A Bit Of Colour And Magnetic Ferrofluid Becomes The Stuff Of Nightmares (Intense Graphics) 2:40

It’s equal parts beautiful and unsettling, like a lava lamp that might be slowly giving birth to a monster.

Alpine Girls Dancing Awkwardly At The 36th Bangkok International Motor Show In Thailand 2:04

How you actually dance in the club. ► Related: Lorde’s Dance Performance At 2017 VMAs Confuses Her Fans - http://9gag.com/tv/p/aYLQPB/?ref=desc

Strangest People Found At Walmart Will Drop Your Jaw 8:20

Pretty disgusting for him to scratch his butt while he has to deal with food products...

10 Weirdest Things Ever Found In Storage Units Include Michael Jackson's Never Released Music! 5:58

A man had over 250 unreleased tracks from Michael Jackson just sitting in a storage locker!

Extreme Dentist Teeth Scale Cleaning Is Terrible AF! (DISTURBING GRAPHICS) 1:24

How could there be so much hardened dirt around his teeth! ► Related: Patient Hasn't Brushed Teeth In 20 Years Is The Most Disgusting Thing You've Seen Today   - http://9gag.com/tv/p/aBd0aq/?ref=desc

Man Visits The Real Annabelle Doll At The Warren's Occult Museum And Tells Its Story 4:18

Sometimes you just don't want to trigger supernatural powers.

If University Was A Person, He/She Would Definitely Escalate Your Nightmare! 1:05

Which part in university do you find the most terrifying?