Bizarre Thai Trend Has Men Undergoing Laser Treatment To Bleach Their Penis 00:34

A hospital in Bangkok offers genital bleaching procedures to customers. While such services are already available to women, this one’s a first for men.

That One Friend Who Is Very Afraid Of Using Microwave 2:01

Damn he keeps hitting his head on the cabinet door.

Former NASA Engineer Exposes Rigged Arcade Game With Science 7:58

Don't feel bad, you are not the one who sucks.

You Suck At Cooking: The Making Of Christmas Gingerbread Cookies 7:09

I'll have a gingerbread human centipede please.

This "Polaroid" Horror Short Film Will Make You Put Your Instant Camera Away... 3:16

It's the things we can't see that terrify us the most...

Smashing A Car With A 4 Ton Wrecking Ball In Slow Motion 12:23

I would hate to get in the way of that...

Take A Closer Look At The Process Of Removing Ingrown Hair 2:17

Wasn't expecting the hair to be that long though...