This All-Electric Powered Lilium Jet Is The Flying Car We've Been Waiting For 1:54

The Lilium Jet, the world's first aircraft that runs on electricity can take off like a helicopter and fly like an airplane.

Follow This Guy On An Epic Trip To Georgia The Wonderland In First POV 13:40

Be careful. This awesome video will make you want to go traveling NOW.

Can We Survive Curiosity? 3:38

Science is both inherently political and apolitical. Hopefully we won't end up in nuclear war...

Experiment: Glowing 1000 Degree KNIFE VS. GUM 4:06

It bursts into flame above a certain temperature, then puts itself out again

The No-Cut Glove: Does It Even Work? 6:08

Are you brave enough to cut or slice your hands with this glove on?

You Won't Believe The Power Of Chopsticks! What A Great Weapon! 2:04

Shifus everywhere! Can't imagine they can turn chopsticks into a kind of weapon.

Strange Addiction! What Happens When You Eat 8 Beds? 2:59

Let's hope she can really quit this and won't die of eating mattresses.

Wow! Cupcake Bouquets Are Tastefully BEAUTIFUL! 8:00

Good looking and tasty, what more can you ask for?

This Man Cooks 1,000 Eggs With Family And Why He Does That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity 14:56

Hats off to this kind and friendly guy. We need more people like him.

Why Are Humans So Bad At Thinking About Climate Change? 9:45

The biggest problem for the climate change fight isn’t technology – it’s human psychology.

What Can You Cut With Paper? This Guy Will Show You The Magical Power Of Paper 5:34

Now there's a whole other definition of "paper cut." ► Related: Cutting Acrylic, Plastic And Wood Using A Blade Made Of Paper Is Amazing To Watch -

Why Are You Always Tired? 3:10

Tired of being tired? Here are some useful tips.

Google Earth’s Incredible 3D Imagery, Explained 8:09

Find out how Google get images and process those into 3D imagery, and what insights one can glean from continuously taking pictures of our planet.

Korn's 12-Year-Old Bassist Plays His Debut Concert In Bogota And He Totally ROCKS 3:52

12-year-old Tye Trujillo is no ordinary kid. With his dad being Metallica's bassist, he was destined to get a rock god on stage.

Bill Nye Answers Dumb Science Questions From Twitter And Gets Really Frustrated 8:52

Well, some of them are actually thoughtful... but not many.

At Least Climate Change Will Bring More Icebergs To Kitesurf Over Like A Badass 1:45

Don’t wait too long to slide on these broken pieces, because those ice caps aren’t going to last forever.