This Surgery Robot Is So Precise That It Can Stitch A Grape's Skin Back Together 1:48

It says the same technology that can be used to help perform delicate, minimally invasive surgery. Will humans be replaced soon?

Ridiculous Tricks You Can Do With a Slinky! 2:04

It's pretty ridiculous the tricks that you can do with this classic children's toy.

"Dreamride 2" Takes You On A Worldwide Mountain Biking Adventure Where The Trails Never End 5:21

Diamondback Bicycle's Mike Hopkins takes his mountain bike through fire and ice to capture the most incredible bike trail on Earth.

Japanese Hip-Hop Dancing Granny Grooves In This "Rice Dance" Video 1:39

Because there is no better way to convince you to eat your rice.

This Video Will Be Very Important One Day 6:01

For those of us who grew up with them, there’s a strong feeling of nostalgia for the ritual of popping them in and out of the VCR.

Rise Up! This Transforming Hum Rider Beats Traffic By Driving Over Other Cars 1:08

Hit the road with the Hum Rider and never sit in traffic again.

Meet The 4-Year-Old Baby Biker Who Has Insane Motorcycle Skills 2:20

Tima Kuleshov started riding a bicycle before he was two-years-old. What a badass kid he is!

Watch The Cutest Devil In "Spongebob"'s "Deathnote" Remake 2:51

I love how he says that the world is rotten but he looks really happy.

Recycled Bricks Made From Used Cartons Is More Sustainable, Cheaper And BETTER! 1:52

Bricks built from used food/drink cartons should be used even more widely. Credit to: Rehan Petit

Halden Prison Inmate Induction Process Is An UNEXPECTEDLY Humane One 8:35

I am shocked on how open and welcoming the induction process is.

WOW! Disney Experiment Lets You Catch Real Objects In Virtual Reality 2:48

It's quite surprising to know that combining virtual and physical dynamic interactions to enrich virtual reality experiences is feasible.

Dog Ross' Joy Of Dog Painting Is Absolutely Adorable 1:27

What a nice activity to do with your dog!