Giant Ice Block vs Trampoline From 45M 10:30

They should try dropping an iPhone now!

This AR "Street Fighter II" Game Lets You Fight In The Real World 2:08

It's the Real World Warrior edition we didn't know we need.

72 Actresses Each Represents A Year Of A Woman's Life In This Amazing Japanese Ad 1:39

Life moves fast, but it’s the slow moments that make it beautiful.

“Dog View” - Google Japan Now Has Street View From A Dog's Perspective 1:29

Three Akita dogs, Asuko, Ako and Pu take you on a tour through the city’s best attractions.

What Happens In One Lifetime? 3:34

A lot can happen during your trips around the sun!

Someone Turns Shaun White's Gold Medal Run Into A Super Mario Gameplay 00:41

This is perfect. Can't believe he got all the coins.

Awesome Parkour: That’s Spider-Man Without His Suit by Dylan Pawson | 9GAGFunOff 00:54

Thank you Dylan Pawson for your #9GAGFunOff submission! Have your own funny videos? Submit them to to win $100,000 USD!