The European Space Agency Let 8 Kids With Disabilities Fly In Zero Gravity 3:06

That's a wonderful opportunity for these extraordinary kids. Respect!

Doodle Line Rider Synchronised To "Mountain King" Is Incredibly Entertaining To Watch 2:46

It's so damn satisfying. I couldn't help but finish the whole thing.

What Would Happen If You Were Born In Space? 3:45

What life would be like in the outer space?

You Will Be Amazed By This Modular Marble Machine 8:27

The sound of marbles dropping is so relaxing.

Watching a VHS Tape Melt In An Acetone Vapor Bath Is Like Saying Bye To Your Childhood 3:18

After 160 hours and over 20.000 photos, this is the best result got out of a VHS tape.

Unboxing The Mind Bending Wallpaper TV... 6:02

The LG Wallpaper TV is the thinnest display you have ever seen or held.

This "Reflections From The Inside" Video Is A Powerful Campaign To Stop Drunk Driving 3:16

What if your decision to drink and drive was staring right back at you?

How To Learn Faster 4:07

Modify your ways of studying and you may get a 10x outcome.

16-Year-Old Girl Replaces Trained Singer 4 Hours Before Show Starts, She Nails The Most Difficult Opera Song Ever 7:34

16-year-old Rachele Gilmore sings The Doll Song from The Tales of Hoffmann. She ends up singing a High A-flat, the highest note to have ever been sung at the Met.