Prankster "Accidentally" Play Embarrassing Songs In Public And People's Reactions Are Amusing 6:16

Day 273, still waiting for someone to stop him from playing Aladdin's love song.

FAIL! Guy Rips His Pants While Getting Out Of Bed On Boat 1:41

Poor dude. He should have got Calvin Klein instead of Calvin Classics.

This MMA Fighter Gets Brutally Knocked Out While Trying To Dance On Stage 00:22

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The Biggest Online Shopping Fails That Are So Laughable 13:43

From dresses, to shoes, to home decor, to toys and game consoles, these things you should never buy online.

Expectations VS. Reality In Romance Is So Hilarious 4:57

"Expectation: When you find your true love, these expectations will become reality. Reality: Give up!" TEEHEE XD

Worst Pickup Lines Ever! (NSFW) 8:08

Beware! Don't ever say these pick up lines, they'll keep you single.

Dad Tries To Make A Sandwich By Following The Exact Words Of His Kids - It's Funnier That You'd Think 7:23

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The "Girl On Girl" Prank War Is Back With Savager Revenge (NSFW) 1:24

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Dude Pranks Girlfriend Into Having An Orgasm In Front Of His Mom With Vibrating Panties (WTF) 5:15

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Two Best Friends Have A Sexy "Girl On Girl" Prank War And It's Awesome 1:52

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Nails It! Robot Beats "I Am Not A Robot" Spam Prevention Captcha Test 00:31

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Woman Whistles At Gordon Ramsay In "Hell's Kitchen" And Regrets Instantly 00:53

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Real-Life Samara From “Rings” Pops Out From The TV To Scare Shoppers And It's Genuinely Frightening 1:47

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Pranking Sexy Girls By Stealing Their Phones On The Beach! (NSFW) 3:07

This guy even makes part of the video slow motion...

Chris Evans Pranks Comic Fans As Captain America With Surprise Escape Room 5:58

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Watch These Funny And Hot Commercials And Try Not To Laugh (NSFW) 3:17

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