Do Japanese People Understand English Words Printed On Their T-Shirt? 16:12

The designers who decide on what to print on these shirts are high level trolls. ► Related: Obi-Wan And Anakin Skywalker Dubbed By Japanese Google Translate Is Freaking Ridiculous-

Prankster Rémi Gaillard Poses As Construction Worker To Mercilessly Mess With Drivers 2:21

Legend says the car is still driving in circles to this day.

Daredevil Do Sexy Beach Games (NSFW) 3:26

Wonder why would the girl lets him suck her boobs ► Related: Hot Girls Being Sexy On The Beach Interview (NSFW) -

Professional Driver As A Nerd Pranks Driving Instructors On Their First Day Of Work 4:08

Driving school in Malaysia thought it would be nice to prank their instructors during the first day of the job.

Dogs Are "Abandoned" In Freezing Weather To See If People Will Step Up To Help Them 6:43

That guy who spit on the dogs deserves a special place in hell.

This Venezuelan Skier Might Be The Worst Skier Ever, But He's An Inspiration To Us All 2:21

Winter Olympic hopeful Adrian Solano competes in the Lahti2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Finland and catches attention for his poor skills. The true story is, he has never trained on snow before. ► Related: Dude Accidentally Skis Off 150-Foot Cliff And Captures The Whole Thing With His GoPro -

Guy Prank Calls Lamborghini Salesman As A Little Kid And It's Too Funny 7:29

"What kind of car would you like?" "Fast one. I want the fastest one." Tiny Tim sounds exactly like a little boy.

Prankster "Accidentally" Play Embarrassing Songs In Public And People's Reactions Are Amusing 6:16

Day 273, still waiting for someone to stop him from playing Aladdin's love song.

FAIL! Guy Rips His Pants While Getting Out Of Bed On Boat 1:41

Poor dude. He should have got Calvin Klein instead of Calvin Classics.

This MMA Fighter Gets Brutally Knocked Out While Trying To Dance On Stage 00:22

Here's why you don't dance in the middle of a fight. ► Related: Pokémon GO KO! MMA Fighter Catches Opponent In Poké Ball After Victory -

The Biggest Online Shopping Fails That Are So Laughable 13:43

From dresses, to shoes, to home decor, to toys and game consoles, these things you should never buy online.

Expectations VS. Reality In Romance Is So Hilarious 4:57

"Expectation: When you find your true love, these expectations will become reality. Reality: Give up!" TEEHEE XD

Worst Pickup Lines Ever! (NSFW) 8:08

Beware! Don't ever say these pick up lines, they'll keep you single.

Dad Tries To Make A Sandwich By Following The Exact Words Of His Kids - It's Funnier That You'd Think 7:23

This is a programming thing, isn't it? ► Related: How This Dad Gives A Tutorial On Washing A Car With A Baby Is The Most Adorable and Hilarious Video Ever! -

The "Girl On Girl" Prank War Is Back With Savager Revenge (NSFW) 1:24

These girls are levelling up their games. ► Related: Two Best Friends Have A Sexy "Girl On Girl" Prank War And It's Awesome -

Dude Pranks Girlfriend Into Having An Orgasm In Front Of His Mom With Vibrating Panties (WTF) 5:15

Well it's pretty dangerous to distract the driver this way... ► Related: Sexy Girl Puts A Remote Vibrator In Her Underwear After Losing A Bet And Gets Orgasm (NSFW) -