Pranking Dad In A Drift Car Nearly Scare The Sh*t Out Of Him! 6:10

Please don't attempt to try this to your father.. XD

Atlanta Braves Fan Falls On His Face During A Race Against The Freeze! 00:41

"That's where he belongs. Right in the dirt" What a savage comment!

Gordon Ramsay Goes Undercover And Tries To Be Annoying To Fellow Chefs 6:06

This is his best disguise to date, no question.

Suspected Jewellery Thief In Japan Has A "Very Intense" Runaway From The Police Caught On Tape 1:40

He is unable to outrun the law or the limits of his cardiovascular system...

Elevator Small Talk Turns Into A Full-Blown Weather Forecast Is Hilarious 2:02

I bet they're all hoping the lift would arrive soon!

MMA vs Tai Chi: This "Legendary" Kungfu Duel Ends In 10 Seconds 00:52

This is not only a Kungfu Duel, but also a competition between traditional and modern martial art.