Elevator Small Talk Turns Into A Full-Blown Weather Forecast Is Hilarious 2:02

I bet they're all hoping the lift would arrive soon!

MMA vs Tai Chi: This "Legendary" Kungfu Duel Ends In 10 Seconds 00:52

This is not only a Kungfu Duel, but also a competition between traditional and modern martial art.

Prank War Girl Vs. Girl Is Epic (NSFW) 1:51

The most annoying friend award goes to...

Gordon Ramsay: The Waxwork Prank At Madame Tussauds Is So SAVAGE 1:52

Lol. Why does that dude take off his jacket..... XD

8 Make Up Pranks To Pull On Girls That Will Make Them Go Crazy! 4:16

I swear if you try these to your girlfriend, you'd be in BIGGGGG trouble.

Do Japanese People Understand English Words Printed On Their T-Shirt? 16:12

The designers who decide on what to print on these shirts are high level trolls. ► Related: Obi-Wan And Anakin Skywalker Dubbed By Japanese Google Translate Is Freaking Ridiculous- http://9gag.com/tv/p/aGDJr3/?ref=desc