How "Star Wars" Could Have Ended In 60 Seconds 1:11

Looks like The ground wasn't the only thing that was *high*

How The Puppets From Wes Anderson's Movie "Isle Of Dogs" Were Made 4:01

These guys put so much effort and details into their work. It's a work of love.

"Avengers: Infinity War" Weird Trailer Is Totally Non-Sense But Hilarious 2:53

We’re surprised that Shrek didn’t join the Avengers sooner.

Honest Trailer For Every Wes Anderson Movie 7:00

This is perfect, just like his movies!

Second "Avengers: Infinity War" Trailer Is Finally Here 2:19

I have never been this hyper! Just let me watch the movie now!

Surgical Resident Breaks Down 49 Medical Scenes From Film & TV 20:56

Is all that medical jargon we hear in shows like Grey's Anatomy and House true-to-life?

"Tomb Raider" Star Alicia Vikander Teaches You Swedish Slang 3:42

I'll definitely start telling people to throw themselves against the wall.

This 3D-Printed Millennium Falcon Takes Almost 10 Days To Build (Timelapse) 3:20

Watch the printer run for over nine days and 21 hours straight.

Spidey Picking Up The 80s Vibes by Ghetto.spider | 9GAGFunOff 1:01

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Behold The New Lion King by Aviram Carmeli | 9GAGFunOff 1:01

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"It's Not A Moon" - A Bad Lip Reading Of "Star Wars" 4:06

Grand Moff Tarkin shares a musical moment with Princess Leia aboard the Death Star...

John Brick: A LEGO Parody Of "John Wick" 00:53

The blood effects are incredible!