Jimmy Kimmel Challenges Kids To Sneak Up On Their Father And Yell “I Love You Dad”, The Result Is Glorious 3:03

I wonder how many of their butts have been whipped... ► Related: Honest Father's Day: Kids Tell Dads The Worst Thing They've Ever Done - http://9gag.com/tv/p/axdBwn?ref=desc

Horse Rocks Laughing Baby Is The Most Adorable Thing You'd See Today 1:01

An adorable video shows the moment a horse soothed a crying baby girl.

Watch This Sea Creature Do An Awesome Hermit Crab Impression 1:52

Pharaoh cuttlefish's ability to disguise themselves as and mimic the movements of other creatures is incredible

What If The Animals On This Planet Were Round? 2:14

I can't get enough of the cat one.

What Is A Pupper? Here's DoggoLingo Explained For All Dog Lovers 1:00

Learns DoggoLingo (aka Doggo-Speak) now, the internet love language for man's best friend.

Aww...Elephants Run To Greet A New Rescued Baby Elephant! 1:32

Elephants are such deeply social and empathic creatures.

Hannah Jeter Is That Silly Cute Type Of Girlfriend 1:24

Love girls who act natural and be who they are.

If You Need To Chill, This Baby Polar Bear Can Help You 00:57

Feels so fresh watching him jumping into the ice.

3-Year-Old Girl Demonstrates How To Change A Car's Oil! 4:03

Even a little girl can do this better than you.