Johnny Depp Surprises Disneyland Guests As Jack Sparrow In "Pirates Of The Caribbean" Ride 00:57

Can easily recognise he's the real Jack Sparrow, not a Disney actor!

True. Everyone Does Love Boobs (NSFW) 2:04

Time to break internet censorships.

It's Not A Joke. Meet The Sculptor Who Carved The Funniest Memes Of Mankind On Our Rock #FunLegacy 00:24

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Learn To Draw Dotted Lines On A Chalkboard 4:22

That ending is absolutely genius.

.38 Special vs Prince Ruperts Drop At 170,000 FPS, What Will Happen? 7:36

They should do collaboration with Slow Mo Guys, the content would be amazing.

1950s Doo-Wop Remake Of Lady Gaga's "Million Reasons" 3:30

Million reasons to love this! This song works so well in 50s style.

If Credit Card Ads Were Honest (You Probably Wouldn't Have A Credit Card) 4:55

So wait, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard aren't trying to help us?

How Wonder Woman Became A Symbol Of Progress 6:39

With Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman has long been one of the three pillars of DC Comics. Take a look at what she stands for today.

Cute As Fluff! Duck And Dog Are Inseparable Best Friends 2:54

A feisty duck has chosen a pretty unusual best friend - a loving golden retriever.

Dancing Duo Dances To Mulan's Song "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" And Wows Everyone 2:16

Normani Kordei And Val Chmerkovskiy's Mulan dance stuns everyone, and the original singer Donny Osmond is such a big surprise!