What Guys Are REALLY Thinking When They See A Hot Girl (NSFW) 3:13

Things go awkward when an unconfident guy meets a hot girl, especially when the girl is Amanda Cerny.

No One Is More Excited Than This 4th Grader On The First Day Of School 1:27

Man the suspense for the last words almost was killing me.

Killer Clowns Are Back Again To Terrorize People In This Resurrection Scare Prank 6:34

These clowns are the last thing you'd like to see in the streets.

This Simulation Of A Human Interviewing A Hyper-Evolved Alien Is Crazily Realistic 4:34

It looks so real that it gives me shivers. Are aliens really this intelligent?

Artist Spends 2.5 Years Creating This Incredible Timelapse Painting 3:11

Dutch artist Thijme Termaat understands the competition in today’s art world is fierce so he decides to create a timelapse to stand out from the crowd.

The "Rings" Sequel Trailer Brings Samara Back For More Scares And Destruction 2:26

American version of popular Japanese horror series returns after 11 years and it promises more horror! ► Related: Here’s The First Full Trailer To The Ring Vs The Grudge, Sadako Vs Kayako! - http://9gag.com/tv/p/a3ONvE/?ref=desc

10 Weird Things Existing Only In Japan Will Make Your Jaw Drop  7:39

I wonder how long would it take for one person to read the menu?

Watch 20 Strangers Sh*t In Front Of Each Other For The First Time (First Kiss Parody) 3:08

"You probably wanna cover your ears." OMG This is the best parody ever. ► Related: Watch 20 Strangers Kiss For The First Time - http://9gag.com/tv/p/9xdy2?ref=desc

In Japan, Moving Houses Is Less Of A Chore And More Of An Art 3:59

In Japan, movers neatly pack all of your things up and take photos of furniture placement and how things are placed on shelves. When they arrive at your new home, they place everything exactly as you had it in your previous home. Moving is an art to them.

Take Your First Look At "Dark Souls III: Ashes Of Ariandel" In This Intense Trailer 2:40

Enter this new world covered by snow and defeat the evil that has defiled this land.

Enjoy These Behind The Scenes Of Coldplay's Mind-Bending Music Video "Up&Up" 5:04

The music video undoubtedly amazes us with its awesome visual effects, so take a look at how this breathtaking video is made. ► Related: Coldplay's New Music Video For 'Up&Up' is Full of Mind-Bending Visual Effects - http://9gag.com/tv/p/ar7222?ref=desc

12-Year-Old Ukulele Player Sings Original Song "Beautiful Thing" Which Is Absolutely Mesmerising 2:53

12-year-old America's Got Talent sensation Grace Vanderwall shares to the world her new original song titled Beautiful Thing that gives her a standing ovation from the judges. ► Related: 12-Year-Old Ukulele Player Wows Judges And Is Called The Next Taylor Swift - http://9gag.com/tv/p/adPQrP?ref=desc

WOW! This Ballet Girl With A Liquid-like Body Dances Like A Spider! 1:21

Milena Sidorova is a professional dancer and has won multiple awards for both dancing and choreography. She is best known for her "Spider Woman" dance, which you are about to see...

Severely Burned Firefighter Gets Face Transplant That Changes And Renews His Life 2:54

Mississippi firefighter Patrick Hardison was 27 in 2001, when the roof of a burning house collapsed on top of him. For 14 years, he battled pain, stares from strangers and a loss of hope. Finally, he has found hope again when he gets a face transplant.

High-Flying Dunker Jordan Kilganon Shocks NBA Players With His Professional Dunking Skills 4:03

Watch as Gary Payton and Glen Rice react to Jordan Kilganon’s amazing dunks at NBA House Rio!

"Airlander 10" Makes A Slow Crash To The Ground During A Second Test Flight 1:17

The Airlander 10, a 302ft-long (92-metre) part plane, part airship, was damaged after it crashed into the floor when it was trying to land at its base at Cardington Airfield in Bedfordshire.

Simone Biles And Team USA Play Life-Size "Hungry Hungry Hippos Game" With Jimmy Fallon 5:53

The 2016 women's USA Olympics gymnastics team compete against each other and bring home Tonight Show gold!

This Fan Made "Rogue Binks: A Star Wars" Parody Will Cheer Every Jar Jar Binks Lover Up 1:38

Chewbacca Mom is officially starring in "Rogue Binks: A Star Wars Story" now. LOL